Ted Rose absolutely has one of the deepest loves for pastors that I know of. I wholeheartedly endorse this book.




 Brief Summary

 “Pastors Need Prayer” is an urgent biblical message on the state of the pastorate today. The body of Christ is in crisis, and Ted Rose reveals behind the scene stresses and pressures that are damaging our dedicated pastors. This book will give you, the believer, insight and instruction on how you can make a huge difference in the life of your pastor and the modern church. Read it over and over; you will never be the same.

Chapter Insights

 1. You’re Pastor Is A Target

Ted Rose shares with the reader the influences and evidences of what appears to be a bulls-eye target placed directly on their pastor beginning from the day that he was called into ministry. He discusses numerous ways and various strategies the enemy uses to attack, discredit and dishonor their pastor.

2. There Is A Crisis In The Ministry

This chapter reveals the truth of our ministries in crisis today supported by profound statistics of what many pastors endure and what causes others to leave the pastorate. These disturbing facts will impact the reader to action.

3. The Answer To The Crisis

Now that believers are aware of their pastor’s crisis, they are informed that God has chosen them to make a difference through prayer. The reader is shown biblical steps to stand with their pastor in a loving, respectful and effective way.

4. Your Pastor Is A Gift From God

Most Christians aren’t aware that their pastor was personally selected for them and that it is so important to care for and be good stewards of the gift of their pastor. In fact, in many cases the pastor’s impact, his influences, strengths and weaknesses are a direct result of the care and treatment that you have given him as God’s gift to you.

5. Never Criticize Your Pastor

Criticism has become so rampant in the church that it has reached an epidemic stage. Criticism destroys churches and injures pastors and fellow church members. Ted Rose examines how to develop a criticism-free environment and break free from the spirit of criticism.

6. Commit To Daily Prayer For Your Pastor

Here the reader is introduced to the life of prayer and it’s influence. Both personal prayers and intercessory prayers are needed. Examples from Scripture of great, historical prayer warriors are used to reveal and examine their effectiveness throughout history. This provides inspiration and direction for the new believer to make a commitment and for the mature intercessor to renew their commitment to a life of prayer.

7. Become An Armor Bearer In Prayer For Your Pastor

The reader is shown how they can play an important role as a committed and dedicated Armor Bearer or partner in prayer to their pastor. Pastors need prayers to accomplish God’s vision for their church family. This is explained from Scripture and shown by many inspiring examples.

8. How To Pray For Your Pastor

The reader has been made aware of the problem that exists with our pastors and the ensuing warfare they often endure alone.  Prayer is desperately needed and is crucial for a solution. Together, we can systematically develop a daily plan and strategy of prayer. A guide is given, “Pray for your Pastor,” along with practical tips to launch the believer and the pastor in a new and supportive prayer partnership.

9. Passing The Mantle Of Prayer A Final Prayer

In this final chapter the author commissions the reader with the fresh mantle of prayer to become a walking, talking, breathing and praying House of Prayer. The reader is encouraged to walk in humility and love and to pray every day for their pastor. In conclusion, the author has written a closing prayer passing the mantle of prayer from the author who has spent a lifetime praying for pastors and Christian leaders to you, fellow believers.

10. Final Word to Pastors: (Pastors Only)

This is a special message directly to Pastors, from the author Ted Rose.




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